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Repressive policy Microsoft and bends on places

Repressive policy Microsoft and bends on places

(in addition - a thoughts about Pirates Softs)


computer humour - One more victim Beat Geytsa

The Response to my article Pirate soft ill, sooner good! were many letters, in which readers expressed their own, time the most whimsical and inconsistent standpoint. Commencing from свойских in spirit let's their cut, break!, finishing not ambiguous warning: Your article can be considered the direct breach is tracked the call the sedition the negative tone the offensive tone possible even attract . But as a whole, majority corresponder fortunately have a good sense and real estimations to reality. I am thanked all, who it was called back.

In the same way, there are letter and pirate themselves , more exactly that wretch, which have got under маховик turned round fights for purity of the rows But here is real pirate to me, regrettably does not write


В than essence and reason such exactly repressive politicians to companies Microsoft politicians not only hard, but зачастую cruel. After all, on essences, normal people without any criminal inclinations, physically, morally and morally being sound member society in one wink change in criminal! Fall into field of vision of the militias, straight touch with gloomy sides бытия , but that and прямоходом get acquainted with disposition and custom каторжан Here I bear in mind that multiple articles, messages and summeries concerning fights with illegal product and пресечении activity of the separate persons . Same are a criminal community (крышующие and крышуемые), which produce pirate product coach and without difference singed vodka, compact disks or any other profitable goods must and sit and be attracted and miscellaneous. However, in militia summery they do not appear, lawsuits on them no, and me such, as I already spoke, do not write


The Company Microsoft is a monopolist this fact, think, неоспорим. The Competition on the part of other producers of the AXISES so measly that about her to speak несерьезно. And in such situations by single real rival Microsoft, as this does not seem at first thought absurd, are a pirates. Moreover beating monopolist his(its) own popular weapon


Microsoft behaves exactly also, either as native government USA , for instance in Iraq, Afghanistan, but earlier in Yugoslavia and in a hundred other разогретых point . Zaruchaetsya support small and manual бобиков (creation to visibility of the mass opinion), runs into on world community with requirement to take their standpoint (after all their nearly de floor of the world!), but hereinafter, depending on reactions world community or плюет on it, threatens, shoots, bombs and breaks, or becomes world gendarme . With shout, with понуканиями, подсматриванием in замочную bore hole, with manacle and bat. Wholly probably and with their own secret prison


However, when we speak Microsoft we imply to company, on deal multiple staff to companies here naturally not under than (this normal computer boys, on-essences themselves nothing not having against piracy), but here is chapter to companies master, owner and горстка shareholder, here is they-that and at deal They-that and there is that вурдалаки.


The interesting moment comes to light In this connection. The Megaphones антипиратской fights from Microsoft for some unknown reason avoid the term Copyright accenting on Intellectual property solely. The Unsophisticated person like without difference (the breakwater, this one and ditto synonyms), indeed quite not so.


Any programme product Microsoft there is result of the collective work moreover mercenary workman! They work for salary, rather then for author's deductions! But they after all and there is AUTHORS! And these Authors already long ago, 10 years have back got their own fees for same Windows XP, but present and for Window Vista. Not dialect uzh about other программульках


When representatives Maykrosofta (read not Authors ON, but boss), shame the consumers pirate product in that that de they do not respect the labour of the creators, thieve from pocket poor программера, and other delirium know, they have not on such statements nor what rights! Neither moral, nor moral. Since these protectors of the rights violators of other rights themselves and this time real Author's! Their right odd articles imperfect legislation from Burzhuinov The Rights temporary and they fall, what servitude singed no time.


The Shareholders, хозяева Maykrosofta and Bill Geyts whole only Legal owners of the ready programme product itself. This not they have not rescued the night мучаясь next mad идеей, not they in torments creative activity gave birth the child, not they заполучили the haemorrhoid, hernia, кистетуннельный syndrome, pain in whisky and other signs Authorship.


This is a small small circle буржуев, using mentioned imperfection existing legislation (изначально пекущегося about protection interest Strong, Rich and Made someone look fat), simply-напросто has assigned the someone else labour. Has Repurchased him(it) for kopecks, as no time выменивали beside native fur, gold and other wealth for бусы, tapes and burning water


Here is this their RIGHT us and force to respect! Under awe of the punishment. The Repression. The Imprisonment.


What baizes we hang about сталинском 37-ohm year? Cunning


Defending interests of the Legal owner, are completely ignored right of the Author (which in general legislative do not prescribe, but adjust only agreement or contract). Monstrous дисбаланс in distribution of SURPLUS VALUE, when Go-between (he Legal owner to intellectual property) gets 90% whole incom, but Author has not in realities even 10%... About what fairness speech? From whose mouths we hear the calls to our shame? And never mind Microsoft проповедует these value to us, or some business man bought through десятые hands license of stamping disk with music or film


The Moral. Learn first itself! Or doctor cure most itself.


However, here all clear: Legal owner capitalist, power for him; The Author so-so, louse rootless, goal перекатная and in general servant.


The Second moment the most painful for us simple inhabitants. The Policy state in this question. Here I not dialect about politician Kazakhstan concretely, Russia or there Rumynii trends beside majority state in fight with illegal product and her(its) consumer everywhere similar unless say absolutely identical and recommended over (Maykrosoftom).


These obtruded recommendations , like illegal law, secret rule or приятия unpleasant include the rules and methods nearly operative-of criminal investigation work. Moreover from the most negative (ugly) consequence itself Microsoft frantic tries to avoid.


Absolutely unhealthy phenomena, when Power State with considerable zeal pursues their own people into the name of someone else quotient interest! The Interest before the end not determined and in the same way unhealthy. Someone else, private and unhealthy interest, for which are subjected to the repression our сограждане, this, for instance, right Beat Geytsa to occupy in rating different varnished journal first lines in rubric the most rich person of the planet The Savagery! The most gold(en) bowl The бриллианистый брюлик

From what asks permission, occur let not revolutions revolts, rebellion, теракты, finally? From this, in the general-that, immoral disproportion!


All chapters state always and on any cause confirm: Interests of our own country and folk on the first place! . But realy in interest suppressing majority our folk to provide some заокеанскому a lad these his(its) ungovernable whimsies? In interest majority of folk blindly to go on cause verbal juggler? And well this power to force its and without that not rich folk to spend the mad money, sparing on meal? even!


Even monopolist Microsoft always offers: If you do not like the price on our product, use other halitosis, free Linux , our zealous performers to someone else will before such широкомыслия not дошли. Only Windows and in school, and on work and building! On buy license ON treasury spends the enormous facilities our blood! Moreover in this case choice of the programme product is already predestined and we all know that this. No no, seamingly, natural tender dence forest Microsoft поборется else! Looks like collusion or get fat ламерность госчиновников.


Logichnee was indeed in school and госучреждениях uses exactly Linux, at least from consideration of the economy. Not dialect uzh about more high problem such as fight with монополизмом useful deal in term of the market competition.


Think, cost(stand)s one only Russia legislative to oblige the corresponding to branches to use in school Linux for instance as situation will change. Both in recovery criminal-illegal area, and in многом in relations with programme monopolist. Accordingly, money intended on buy license ON перенаправить on development our Linux a. And their own clever программеров shall feed and independent figure.


After all, on essences, today Power State nigh only with diaper purposely helps someone into the future generations, economy, culture, обороноспособность on заокеанскую igloo. Us not controlled and as a whole potentially hostile. And if for Papua New Guinea this acceptable, that country кирдык.





Pay us for our labour so, as you wanted to get profit with us itself!


Mikhail Dmitriyenko, 2008, Almaty

This material translated russian to english language by means of program!


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