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Pirate soft, illegal product - sooner good, than ill! And in the first place for Authors themselves

Pirate soft, illegal product - sooner good, than ill! And in the first place for Authors themselves

(this article, only in more sleek type I offered some Almaty (Kazakhstan) computer publishing - a WHALE, Computer Club, MegaByte, but none of they did not dare her(its) publish! The Last publishing not even has answered - a disgrace!)


Bill Geyts cannibal


The Pirate in GULAG!




Think nobody will not become to dispute that that suppressing majority of software (ON) on elbowroom C.I.S. - a pirate origin. Yes that there C.I.S. - a pirate product is present all over the world, including in USA. The World, in one or another degree, from teapot-initial years before solid companies, chooses контрафакт, as no time chose Pepsi. Nearly beside each user, even the most correct, there is something yes broken . The Ill this or good?

From this fact does not to notice, but forbid the half a mankind... neither Hitler, nor Stalin about scale such Nor-zzya not even dreamed (but here is милашка Ticket Geyts has dared).


Here no propogandas for license софт and no call under знамена Merry Rodzhera , here only attempt to analyse the situation, reveal the root and speak your mind on decision of this problem.


Illegal (pirate) product is present all over the world, commencing from сканвордов in newspaper, finishing tank, plane and rocket. Such product release if покопаться, all - from decorous successful companies-giant, before small artels; and private citizen, and state; state themselves... The Compact disks in this avalanche left production wretched, but also it is enough sensational small part. Themselves that not realizing, we daily break whose-that author's (let not always patented) of the right, for instance, alphabet. The Mankind exists already many millennium and notion copyright exists, see, as much as. But only in the last 2-3 centuries it has gained the nature to all-out property. At our time protectors to knowledge-based property get to absurdity and absurdities; If tie up - signifies my! Since I first before this додумался - what has expressed this concept Antuan de Sent-Ekzyuperi in Small prince . Here is and patent, who that... moreover quite not Authors, but the most fast (unscrupulous) business man.


Apropos, why strictly and really not to assign whole Solar system, as privatized Moon? Or Vselennuyu!.. One german запатентовал flag and blazon former GDR as trademark. Yes and name DDR itself (the German Democratic Republic) too (uzh do not know, as he will dispense with producer of the of the same name memory?).


By the way, Russia, in the opinion of official american researchers, occupies unless the first, that very close places on production of the illegal product (breaks the Copyrights, naturally american knowledge-based). However, there is well-known facts of the inverse nature about which why-that all conservatively keep silent - from Authors before president (peerless) Putina (but now more so - Medvedeva). This, at least, pirate production on the whole world automaton Kalashnikova, including absolutely legal and on territory USA.




Visualize the situation that On-щучьему веленью with person of the planet disappeared whole pirate product that we see, for instance, in the field of compact disk (including ON, plays, music, films). Certainly, this with whose sides to look, Beat Geyts and all rest бойцы with контрафактом, including our loved musicians, actors and stage managers, with joy потрут the ладошки in expectation of gilded дождя. The Pirates echidna is giggled. And not by chance. This day will become last, to example, for OS Windows and in general Microsoft, is dripped in obscurity all these звезданутые блокбастеры yes хитовые to performers (which and so disappear in lacks of information after the first show - a first-nights). In general, one, yells: Fighting the pirate! , настанет full kaput.


The Authors blinded its гениальностью this will not caught - rose-colored glasses and advertising ballyhoo, on principle "for that cuckoo glorifies the cock" sound acts on skill to think sane. But reality such a that its popularity and, eventually, incom, all of these are obliged thereby vile pirate , which донесли (have done available) all these creations million users, listeners, spectators. The Top to naivetes to consider that present user in the absence of контрафакта, all racket кинется to counter with license product. Accessibility - all! But high price - a barrier to accessibility.


The Deal not only in the price (that however not last in given question), deal else and in principle - nobody does not want to consider itself лохом reconnoitred , but ungrounded разбойничьи price for piece of plastic exactly so and interprete the user.


Yes, certainly, the main knowledge-based product , rather then piece of plastic. Certainly, producer of the license product обоснует their own price: he pays - a tax, for lease of the premiseses, salary worker, is spent on advertisment, afterwards go the author's deductions. Besides, how much leaves the facilities on fight with its rival by pirate!


All this so, but expenses of the pirate-producer? It Is Thought his(its) expenses not less. And he needs the premises, equipment and worker, instead of tax inspection - an бандитские of the roof, but bribes official and people in the form? But constant forfeitures, fines and judicial hearing (including imprisonments)? Not most light bread!

Remains moral, moral problem - a fee author. Even though pirate not against pay the author, do this him in a complicated way - impossible.

But on the other hand, not paying percent with sale author, pirates compensate these losses with interest - popularity, popularity, распространенностью, as it was said above. That author without this - nothing.


Have following: labour and expenseses beside лицензионщика and beside pirate (having rejected whole advertising-verbal husk) approximately alike, техпроцессы identical, quality and realization too. But the price miscellaneouses.


The Buyer is agree to pay, but reasonable price this signifies, he wants to know how much, to whom and for that.


Count the prime cost of the disk does not form the person of the labour, and in total this amount putting triviality. Rest, expressing language Chastised Marksa - an additional cost, profit. And order this profit a pirate and лицензионщик equally, realy that last else is spent on this, as his(its) - an author. The Amount of this author's deduction - a terrible military secret. Even though expect that they are paid 10% from sale (10% absolutely incredible numeral, real not more than 5%), that and are here struck appetite of the legalized highwayman! For such bet possible затеять any war with its sea congener.


Our opinion nobody does not interest though we-that and there is main section market - a buyers! So and is got that not demand gives birth the offer, but offer under threat of the shrift dictates the demand. Tries to dictate.


She, some remade socialism or gedanken capitalism! The Human persons is not seen...


While we considered the problems with the total position, typical of any type production. The Conflict license and pirate production in sphere of software has their own more essential nuances. Here also are present their own monopolists (and oho-go what!), else more interested persons them to become.


Certainly, a part arrived producer ON directs on субсидирование new developments. This naturally, but what us before this deal?! We pay for given concrete product, but us real force to pay thrice! In cost license ON include: 1) spent earlier on development this ON amounts (including for all their own misses and VWVblurt out); 2) ready product itself; 3) certain amounts on development, on future product (again with all puncture and shortage). The Plus we pay the technical prime cost disk production, heaven knows what amounts on the personal enrichment owner (not cheap пропечататься in journal Forbs !), pay the advertisment, pay the fight an owner ON with pirate, pay each virus, which дырявит this ON, pay for all renovations, патчи and затычки - a result изначальной корявости developer, we pay for much a great deal. Any touching picture to charities Beat Geytsa - from our pocket! And as a result - we are not shown хозяевами bathed ON! We whole only (is so clouded, slippery, indistinct) - obtain the right on use. The Lessees, one word though, sooner slaves on plantations...


And us like do not force, simply alternatives-that particularly no... А, has forgotten, there is - a pirates!




The Question about that, ill or good pirate product in SMI not even cost(stand)s wording of the question itself incorrect. Certainly, ill!

Can my word and are shown seditious, can near-by person and will perceive their as sedition , call , encroachment and hurry порыться in UK on subject corresponding to article nor-zzya , as if the question is propaganda of the nazism! But you present, how much really good, useful, good and necessary was created with the help of pirate софта. I not dialect about one, earns the millions, I dialect about folk gifted. The Talent беден (not to buy him license Vindy) - rich реализатор talent (for sneeze requires the remunerations or compensations). The Talk about that that de present talent always пробьет itself road - изначально meaningless and not in subjects of this article.


But now think, how much spokes in the wheel development insert the time absurd and absurd keepers of the legal rights ... legal, and this the most sad. Such a laws...


Think, any person with pleasure will pay the actor, performer, programmer, but to thank their labour, it is necessary previously be ruined and feed greedy leash all one, spin near! The Author перепадет one percent from one hundred, but that and less. The Crumbs with table of the sharks... WHY!?


The Pirates also shameless use and occasionly pervert the creation of the author, yes, they do not pay the state a tax, but state - we. There is paradox - a pirate we do not pay the tax, but then he does not skin us as липку. That us better and on-market profitable?


The Problem there is, and she spreads not only on piracy, but also on legal producer in the first place. The Piracy disappears where dictatorship of the equitable laws for all. The Power decision of the problem - as presently became fashionable to speak - does not exist. Exist to repressions.


As be and that to do? Well, first, cost(stand)s to separate grain from darnel that is to say try objective to value the situation.


It is Necessary to understand that present fight with illegal product to lead solely in interest little the most largest monopoly producers, which, having become in the middle roads, yells: Not dence forest, my! . Accordingly, this are restricted interests another, more multiple, but weak and disassociated part mankind.


And output I видится as always in gold(en) серединке (or, as alternative variant, in the next October revolution).


The Giant-monopolist to should bring to reason on state level, as this вяло tries do Evrosoyuz. The Pirate, for beginning, follows to enable on legalization - they quite well do its deal, but with aquisition license (on human price) will feel itself calm. Legislative to define notion piracy itself - one-two disks, this hardly контрафакт, he weathers does not do, the thousandth flows - here is this cause to understand already serious image.


Punish or no user контрафакта? The Private citizen must not and is not obliged to bottom in expert niceties! I, can be, in general blind, daltonic or do not want to litter the brains personally me unnecessary information expert. And this, in general-that, my legal and free choice - there is chops or flies! But отлов criminal - a deal special organ and no need from weekness to replace their functioning on our shoulder.


The Present tactics of the fight with piracy will logically bring about criminal punishment not only producer to illegal product, but also user (and already there is precedents). For the authorities and her(its) organ without difference - all crime! But even drug addict do not put for acceptance drug! Though he-that on all 100% knows for than goes and that buies. But teapot-user does not distinguish pirate винды from license on the strength of that that even experts Microsoft themselves with this can not understand...


The Other deal when pirate ON, video or audio brings the incom, repeat - here obviously ill smell(blows in). The Punishment госучреждениям, public or commercial structure for use the illegal product must be strict and indivertible. But this entails presence in such organization literate (signifies well paid) specialist.


And the main, it is necessary to be simply честнее not on word, but on deal - and one, can afford expensive license buying, and one, fishes out the small fish not noticing sharks, and one, штампуя cheap forgeries, with all might hacks the cabbage, and us, all rest - a buyer.


P.S. In light last event - a judicial hearing with teacher and other - beside any здравомыслящего person rises fury. DOKOLE! (It is impossible tolerate!) In interest of the single large world bigwigs-monopolist of all country of the world (alas and Russia with толерантным Putinym at the head) jump on back paw and shake their own people for in the total-that public safe misdemeanor! DOKOLE!? (It is impossible tolerate!)



This material translated russian to english language by means of program!



warez all right



Mikhail Dmitriyenko, 2007, Alma-Ata

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