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BaoShuo GMT-20 review and disassembly of the ancient mouse

BaoShuo GMT-20 review and disassembly of the ancient mouse


- Original in Russian language


An ancient antique mouse from an unknown Chinese manufacturer ... Not only is it a ball mouse, it also has an RS232 connection interface - it is also a COM port. And there is no scroll wheel on it - scroll! Current generations cannot even imagine this. For them, this is something terrible, and the inscription MADE IN CHINA ...


We pay tribute to History, in terms of its IT development, and describe this mouse.


BaoShuo GMT-20 ancient ball mouse, description


The mouse case is large by today's standards: 118 mm long, 60 mm wide and 35 mm high. Regarding the weight, it’s usual, except that due to the ball it’s a bit heavier than the current office rodents. On the upper part there are only two governing bodies - LMC and RMB. Then an unknown logo with a strange name - BaoShuo ...


BaoSuo GMT-20 review of the old mouse, with a ball and COM port


Turn the device over and look. There are four legs glued on the bottom, a warranty sticker - from it we will find out that the mouse was sold in 2002. Almost in the center of the ball, closed as usual with a removable flange. Label.


VALID BaoShuo GMT-20 old mouse with a ball, review


On it in capital letters - VALID (what this means, I do not know). The name of the model, or as here is the part namber - GMT-20. Then some inscriptions, badges, and other nonsense that no one needed. Well, who needs to know the nutritional requirements of the mouse? Made in China.


A4Tech 2D OK-720 review ball mouse COM


However, it is easy to notice that this label is pasted on top of another ... On it are almost all Chinese characters, the logo in the form of a cup ... the name is 2D OK-720, and most importantly - the manufacturer’s website, a very familiar name! a4tech - that's who made this mouse!


BaoShuo GMT-20 how to work with a ball mouse


By the way, if you turn the plastic flange, you can remove the ball. This was done for preventive cleaning - the internal elements were quickly contaminated, the mouse did not work well, it was necessary to regularly clean both the ball and the internal elements (with a cotton swab with alcohol). The ball itself is heavy - probably steel, rubber coated on the outside.


BaoShuo GMT-20 mouse with COM or RS-232 connector


Connection cable, it is made clearly and efficiently. The length is 1 meter 30 cm. At the end, there’s such a thing - an RS232 connector, popularly known as a COM port. And the connector is called - DB9F. Once a pair of such connectors and the odious LPT played the same role as on modern USB computers. Various external devices and peripherals were connected to them ... Even now, there is one COM port on the motherboard, I don’t know why.


Dismantling the BaoShuo GMT-20 mouse


Disassembly is simple - you need to unscrew one screw on the underside, it is usually sealed with a warranty sticker. The upper part is removable.


BaoShuo GMT-20 dismantling an ancient mouse, without scroll


From the inside, the upper part of the case is not interesting - just a plastic cast with an insert for the left and right buttons.


BaoShuo GMT-20 dismantling an old mouse


The bottom is more interesting. Here is the electronics board. Then two guides and a pressure roller with a spring - so that the ball "does not walk" ...


BaoShuo GMT-20 mouse device with a ball


The guides are two plastic axes with which the ball contacts, on the edge of the axis there is a kind of gear - this is the encoder disk, it interacts with the optocoupler. So, this is a mouse with an optical encoder - the slots on the disk are located between the LED and two infrared photodiodes. The ball rotates the guide and the disk. Either a slot or a tooth constantly passes through the optocoupler, this blinking forms a signal from the optocoupler.


Mouse electronics board


TP8370FP old mouse BaoShuo GMT-20 SUNG WEI NW23RS


We take out the entire electronic filling - this is one board of a one-sided PCB. The main element is the TP8370FP chip with the TOPRO logo. I did not find documentation for it, it is most likely a chip that converts and amplifies signals, making them understandable for PCs. Interestingly, these mice have long been gone, and China still sells these microcircuits, at 10 cents apiece ... Next to the microcircuit is a quartz resonator and two regular micro buttons - mouse controls. And here are two Ottopairs, each an LED, and a little black, dual photodiode. On the board marking: SUNG WEI NW23RS 1999-11-12. We see that many radio components are missing here - the one who made the mouse was extremely economical ...


BaoShuo GMT-20 diagram of an old mouse with a ball and COM interface


On the reverse side, there is nothing. Tracks ... here I have already removed the wires. But who cares, I explain: the upper right corner, four wires, from left to right - blue, green, red, white.


I could not check this mouse at work; there is no COM port on my computer. However, the exact same mouse, with the name BaoShuo, I had in 2001. Then ball mice were the norm, but there were already mice with the PS / 2 interface - rarely, there were USB ports, but then no one thought of connecting a mouse or keyboard to them ...


The review and disassembly of the BaoShuo GMT-20 is now over. A4Tech also produced OEM products for all unknown brands and brands. There is no nostalgia.



Mikhail Dmitrienko, specially for





来自未知中国制造商的古老古董鼠标。它不仅是球形鼠标,还具有RS232连接接口-也是COM端口。而且上面没有滚轮-滚动!当代人甚至无法想象这一点。对于他们来说,这是一件可怕的事情,而题词“中国制造” ...




按照今天的标准,鼠标盒很大​​:长118毫米,宽60毫米,高35毫米。关于重量,这很平常,只是由于球的原因,它比目前的办公室啮齿动物要重一些。上部只有两个理事机构-LMC和RMB。然后是一个名字不明的不知名徽标-BaoShuo ...






但是,很容易注意到此标签粘贴在另一个标签上...上面几乎是所有汉字,杯子形式的徽标...名称是2D OK-720,最重要的是-制造商的网站,一个非常熟悉的名称! a4tech-这就是制造这款鼠标的人!










底部更有趣。这是电子板。然后两个导向器和一个带弹簧的压力辊-从而使球“不走动” ...






我们取出整个电子填充物-这是单面PCB的一块板。主要元素是带有TOPRO徽标的TP8370FP芯片。我没有找到有关它的文档,它很可能是一种芯片,可以转换和放大信号,使PC可以理解它们。有趣的是,这些鼠标早已不复存在,而中国仍然以每只10美分的价格出售这些微电路。微电路旁边是石英谐振器和两个常规的微按钮-鼠标控件。这是两对耳对,每对都是一个LED,还有一个黑色的双光电二极管。板上标记:SUNG WEI NW23RS 1999-11-12。我们看到这里缺少许多无线电组件-制造鼠标的那套非常经济...




我无法在工作中检查此鼠标;我的计算机上没有COM端口。但是,我在2001年使用的是与鲍硕完全相同的鼠标。当时,球形鼠标已成为常态,但是已经有带有PS / 2接口的鼠标-很少有USB端口,但是没有人想到将鼠标或键盘连接到它们上。


宝硕GMT-20的审查和拆卸工作已经结束。 A4Tech还为所有未知品牌和品牌生产OEM产品。没有怀旧之情。


Mikhail Dmitrienko,专门为


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