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Crystal CS4281-CM EP (SM4281 Rev 1.0) + drivers

Sound card Crystal CS4281-CM EP (SM4281 Rev 1.0) + drivers



The Translation is executed by machine!

Original of the article in russian language



This is an audio card, probably, years 9-10… Presently she meets realy that in old PC, yes in brockerage shop.



Crystal CS4281-CM EP WM9701A


Has Got she to me such way - in old computer… Of course, without packing, manuals and compact disk. The Truth on HDD that computers in file were a driver under this card, their I and has placed here master spoke that this original with native compact disk. In the same way possible find on it driver on ---






Rev 1.0 SM4281 sound card


Signifies, sound card has on card face inscription: SM4281 Rev 1.0, on chip read: Crystal CS4281-CM EP.

Outwardly this the most trivial PCI sound card from the most cheap. The Enormous amount bing absent details places  In general, is fit realy that on when nothing other no.


Tried to find in Internete information, but… scold her(its) much, concrete little. The Main problem driver. However I put in its PC, beforehand chopped down in BIOS integrated HD Audio, and Windows XP without problems has defined this card, has installed on it driver and all have earned. The Quality, truth, not ah what, him far even before modern integrated decisions, but all. When no sound in general and Crystal CS4281 will approach!


The Problems with sound see appear on old motherboard - conflicts of the equipment, interruption and etc. Or on Hryushe (Windows XP) without SP-3. But as she behaves in Vista - do not know.


Crystal SoundFusion CS4281 WDM Audio


As equipment she is defined: Crystal SoundFusion CS4281 WDM Audio or Cirrus Logic CS4281 Audio Accelerator PCI.


Speak more nothing - not that to rarity, but so - something scanty. Even on çàðå its adolescence she was not than-that tempting, now and even more...



Crystal SM4281 Rev 1.0

звуковая карта Кристалл



midi key sound card


• Downloads drivers on Crystal CS4281-CM EP



Mickhail Dmitriyenko, 2009, Almaty

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